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Chambery (FRA): With 110 accredited journalists (70% non-French) and 55 participating nations, the World Orienteering has obtained a first positive finding of the organizers. To greet the athletes, in addition to the IOF President Ake Jacobson, even the sprinter Christophe Lemaitre, European Champion in the 100, 200 and 4 x 100 meter relay team and leaving for South Korea for another World Cup, athletic ones.

Be in the event of the year allows you to better understand the scope of the event and take on board as the territory is experiencing this fascinating experience.
The impression is that even beyond the Alps knowledge of orienteering is not particularly well developed and, especially in these days, many are approaching the discipline.
In this sense, we collect the testimony of one of the organizers: Laurent Astrade 3 questions, race director of O Orientation Festival and Chambery Espace 73 (ECHO 73).

Q What is the role of ECHO 73, the only club of Orienteering in Savoy, in the World Championship?

A We are heavily involved in the preparation of R trials. This assignment goes to the merits of Jean-Daniel Giroux, executive member of the EC and these WOC 73. As local club we have been affected by this event and we are prepared to live the adventure of life. There will be miles and miles of cards after this appointment and we can not just take them as a gift from heaven rained and accept them without doing anything. We are just over thirty of our club involved in these WOC and at all levels: technical manager, marketing manager, food service, school involvement, the festival of O ...

Q This involvement will pay off in terms of media exposure you are having these days?

A course, is a great showcase for us and many people are overlooking this reality, then it will head towards the ECHO 73.Our main satisfaction is still to be here and to get others involved. We want to share our passion with many people and make them understand that we practice a sport and a passion to which anyone can bring. It 'very familiar. Another feature, at least for the Savoy, is that even ski orienteering exercise. We are a very active club and we want to develop ourselves on our hills.We hope that the places around here want to accommodate this growth opportunity.

Q L'O Festival is the image of this activity open to all?

A In a similar event in Aveyron (department French Pyrenean) there were 2,300 people. Here we have 4,000 members from 41 nations. He has never seen anything like it in France and this is the most beautiful testimony of what orienteering. We have young people on the launching pad, those who have never competed, who found every Sunday and the elite who have not qualified. Will also compete on a WOC card used on the eve of the samples, in the same forest with the same arrivals. And 'the image of the share. One day my boys have been taken over by Thierry Gueorgeou running through the forest. This is our peculiarity.

Peter Merries Hectograms from Chambery

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