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WOC program: l'Italia la vede così

In riferimento ai commenti in questo post di Michael Baggio, ci sembra interessante capire come la vede la Fiso riguardo al programma dei Woc. Tutto questo è giù ufficiale, per cui niente di nuovo... :)

Proposals of the Italian Orienteering Federation (FISO) to the General Assembly
The Italian Orienteering Federation (FISO) proposes to the General Assembly of the International
Orienteering Federation (IOF) in Lausanne the following proposals concerning the PROGRAM of
WOC week. The two proposals are connected.
1st proposal. Long competition.
The long qualification is eliminated, only the final is maintained with the present format.
In place of the long qualification the Sprint relay (Mixed teams) will take place.
(COMMENT: elimination of the qualification results in simpler organization and less stress on the
Long final (Interval start, 2 minutes). For the Long competition, starting places are awarded based on the following criteria: Nation’s places Nations are ranked based on results achieved in the one previous WOC Long Final. The first 6 Nations in the placing of previous WOC are guaranteed three places (one only placed athlete counts). The second 6 Nations in the placing of previous WOC are guaranteed two places (one only placed athlete counts). All other entering Nations, whether they took part in the previous WOC or not, are guaranteed one place. Regional place. Each Region is guaranteed a personal place of the reigning Region Champion. Should the reigning Regional Champion of a Region be also the World Champion, then the Vicechampion of that Region will be guaranteed a personal place.
World place. The reigning World Champion is guaranteed a personal place.
(COMMENT: this will give, at the moment, a start list of about 70 athletes from all Nations)
Each Nation will be free to enter his competitors on his own choice. The start list will be according to the following, based on the results of the Nations, not of the single athletes. First the competitors of the Nations with one place only will start based on a draw. Then the reigning Regional Champions (Africa, North and South America, Asia, Australia and Europe, in alphabetical order). Then one competitor from the first 12 ranked Nations will start on a fixed list based on the inverse of the results of the previous WOC.
Then again one competitor of the first 12 ranked Nations will start on a fixed list based on the inverse of the results of the previous WOC.
Then one competitor of the first 6 ranked Nations will start on a fixed list based on the inverse of the results of the previous WOC.
Then the reigning World Champion.
(COMMENT: it is felt that this proposal is simple to be applied and satisfactory for all Nations. It allows good representation to the strong Federations and good media coverage since the clue of the competition is concentrated on the second half with times comparable with the present 45 finalists. Even better compared with 45 finalists with a 3minutes interval).
Course format
To avoid following or cooperation in the long competition two forks, the first with two choices, the
second with three choices, shall be included in the course for both men and women. They shall be
included approximately at one and two thirds of the course. In case of spectator point the second can be before or after it.
(COMMENT: it is felt that this simple system, if steadily applied as a standard, can solve the up-to-now unresolved problem of following ad cooperation. Besides, it is felt that, being the course a fundamental part of the competition, its characteristics – minimum and maximum number of controls, presence of forks etc.- shall be included in the format definition).

2nd proposal. Mixed Relay
The mixed relay shall be composed of 2 competitors, one for each gender. Each nation will be allowed to enter 1 team. Each member of the team will make 3 loops. Competitors of male gender will mass start first. The first competitor (male) will give change to the second (female), then the female again to the male and then the male again to the female three times. Each loop should take about 10 to12 minutes.
(COMMENT: this format is not so demanding for the organizers, while provides new medals and allows easy participation of new Nations. It has proved to be spectacular in SciO and there is no reason not to be the same in FootO. It gives the emotional feeling, to the athletes as well as to the public, of a “couple”
type of competition).
(FINAL COMMENT: the same procedure may be adopted to substitute the Middle qualification with a new Format)

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